Farmville 2 4th Birthday Gift and Celebration

Farmville 2 is celebrating it’s 4th birthday this month. In this regard, they are giving away a Birthday Cake which you can place in your farm. You can them click the Birthday Cake to receive the gifts. A short cut scene where the regular Farmville 2 characters will visit your farm. After the scene you will then receive a variety of gifts including an exclusive baby Beetal Goat.

Farmville 2 4th Birthday Cake



Farmville 2 Turns 4



Farmville 2 turns 4


Farmville 2 Birthday Celebration



Farmville 2 Birthday



Baby Beetal Goat

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 4th Birthday Gift and Celebration

  1. I got the goat, found it in my inventory, but there never was a party or any other prizes, bottles, eggs, sugar or butter as pictured. Thanks for the goat, I appreciate the different species we get like this.

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