Farmville 2 Alpaca Bed Guide

Soon we will have the Farmville 2 Alpaca Bed and in order to build it we will gonna need materials. We listed here the parts the we will bhe needing. After collecting the parts, we will gonna need our friends help (total of 4) to finished it. There’s also 3 tasks that will asked for us to complete in order to receive an Alpaca.


Farmville 2 Alpaca Bed Guide



Adobe Brick

Adobe Brick x10

Bolivian Blanket

Bolivian Blanket x10


Spittoon x10


After collecting the necessary parts you will then need to ask your friends to help you finish building. Once finished you will now have a fully completed Alpaca Bed.

Farmville 2 Alpaca Bed


There will be 3 tasks to complete and they are as follows:

Alpaca Bed

  • Build an Alpaca Bed!


Alpaca Shears

  • Collect Alpaca Shears by completing quests for Walter! <– Complete 3 Tasks of the Wool to Win Quests



  • Craft 2 Suncatchers for the alpaca to play with!
    • Suncatchers = Yellow Glaze x1 and Fired Glass x1
    • Yellow Glaze = Lemon x6 and Pottery Slip x1
    • Pottery Slip = Mud x2 and Water x1
    • Fired Glass = Porcelain x1 and Piece of Glass x3
    • Porcelain = Mud x2 and Mud x2


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  1. I’m having problems with the number of animals on my farm. I had 45 before the alpaca. now after alpaca, I’m with 50. someone has this problem?

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