Farmville 2 Brown Russian Cucumber and More!

Check out the new Farmville 2 Brown Russian Cucumber, a new limited time crop which will be added in the game this October. You can plant, harvest and master the Brown Russian Cucumber up to blue ribbon. Also included on this release are a new batch of animals and trees. Among to be released are Chilean Myrtle Tree, Chilean Myrtle Tree, Skinny Guinea Pig, Chato Murciano Pig and more!  You may expect this new batch of items to be added in the game this Monday (October 22nd).


Brown Russian Cucumber



British Brown Texel Sheep


Mini Belgian Draft Horse


Chato Murciano Pig


Skinny Guinea Pig




Borneo Olive Tree


Saurauia Tree


Chilean Myrtle Tree




  1. Wine Urn Blooms
  2. Saurauia Floral Cake
  3. Rustic Myrtle Clock
  4. Saurauia Wheel Decor
  5. Borneo Olive Gratin
  6. Smacked Cucumber Pickle
  7. Olive Fish Salad
  8. Cucumber Mushroom Salad


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