Farmville 2 Cobble Berry and More!

Hey guys! Check out the new FARMVILLE 2 COBBLE BERRY which going to be released this December. You can plant, harvest and master this new crop up to blue ribbon. Also included on this released are new animals and trees. Among that would be released are Cempedak Air Tree, Singapore Shower Tree, Amiatina Mini Donkey, White Vorwerk Chicken and more. Expect these items to become available on Monday (Dec 10th).


Cobble Berry




White Vorwerk Chicken


Amiatina Mini Donkey


Chamois Mini Goat


Turkoman Horse




Singapore Shower Tree


Cempedak Air Tree


African Greenheart Tree




  1. Berry Creme Caramel
  2. Cempedak Swiss Roll
  3. Fried Cempedak
  4. Very Berry Soap
  5. Floral Wall Bouquet
  6. Floral Shower Chandelier

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