Farmville 2 Cooking Showdown Quests Sneak Peak

We have gathered some of the early images of what seems to be an upcoming Farmville 2 quests that maybe released next week. Now based from these early images we can assume that there maybe a cooking showdown. Now this cooking showdown might be a battle between you and a hoedown king. And one hoedown king comes to mind in Farmville or Farmville 2 it maybe Johnny Hoedown. Here are the images and the quest items:


Here are the steps:

1. Cook some Chili Recipe from the Kitchen


2. Enter your cooked Chili to a contest


3. Collect enough Chili Festival Ticket and get the Dutch Landrace Goat


Materials for the Quests:

Bag of Coal


Chili Bowl


Chili Pot



Quests Items:

Hoedown Hats


Hoedown Decorations


Hoedown Banjo



Chili Recipes:

Pinto Bean Chili


Hot Cheesy Chili


Sour Cream Chili



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4 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Cooking Showdown Quests Sneak Peak

  1. when I tried to go into my FV2 game this morning it said my game was shut down due to violation of the terms and conditions, and I would like to know WHY !!! I have played this game daily for several months, and spent money to buy trees, animals, etc. I give gifts and respect my neighbors. I would like to know the reason WHY my game has been interrupted, as I have read your T&C and do not see anything that has been violated. Please respond promptly!. –

  2. why do you keep introducing new projects when the buffalo items are still screwed up. I spent my farm bucks to buy another and the money disappeared and NO BUFFALO>It was 54 farmbucks and that is a lot to pay for one animal and then it never shows up. Seriously I am considering quiting Farmville 2

    • We apologized for current state of the game and the quests but we are not connected with Zynga nor Farmville 2 nor the creation of the game of any making of the game related. We are a fansite. What we do here is gather info and news on what is coming and what players may expect. We are independent.

      For your concern we strongly suggest that you must file a ticket at the Zynga customer support. Tell them what happened and just be patient with them. You can find the Customer Support HERE.

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