Farmville 2 Cow Bells! Unreleased!

Upon the released of the Cow Barn there will be a mini game for players to do and win Farmville 2 Cow Bells. Now from what we gathered (this may still change) all you have to do feed cows to get more Cow Bells! You can get a total of eight different type of Cow Bell the produces a tone or a note to complete the set and play music on your farm. The note are as follow DO – RE – MI – FA – SO – LA – TI – DO. The amazing thing is when you play this Cow Bells your Cows will “dance” to your tune! We gonna have to see this. This would be cool. Let’s just hoped that the release will be bug free.


These are the 8 types of Cow Bells that you will collect which can produced tunes:

Cow Bell “Do”


Cow Bell “Re”


Cow Bell “Mi”


Cow Bell “Fa”


Cow Bell “So”


Cow Bell “La”


Cow Bell “Ti”


Cow Bell “Do”

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