Farmville 2 Crafting Drive Recipes Guide

Get ready to craft goods for points in the next Farmville 2 Crafting Drive feature. On this feature, players will a Crafting Drive Booth to craft and get donations to help the animal hospital. The crafting drive will run for 3 weeks and each week there will be a new set of recipe to craft. Players will also earn points and win some of the following rewards like 120 fertilizer or 30 Baby Bottles. Just remember the more you craft, the more rewards you can earn. Start saving those ingredients.



Week 1 Recipe:

Pet Collar

Pet Collar = Wool x6, Rhinestone x2


Animal Blanket

Animal Blanket = Fur x2, Blueberry x10



Week 2 Recipe:

Pooper Scooper

Pooper Scooper = Piece of Wood x4,   Copper Poop Scoop x2


Porcelain Treat Bowl

Porcelain Treat Bowl = Mud x2, Strawberry x10



Week 3 Recipe:

Animal Vitamin Biscuit

Animal Vitamin Biscuit = Egg x12, Animal Vitamin x3


Critter Cracker

Critter Cracker = Waltham Butternut Squash x6, Salt x2

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7 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Crafting Drive Recipes Guide

  1. Thanks Jimmy C for your clever remarkz, I did look ()-(), thankz.

    I need the speedz grow and I need to do it this week, I only said it was wellard cos it iz. LOL.

    Progrees may be just as SLOW next week, cos u may need more pointz.

    • I got my Bunny already this morning in just over a weeks time without changing my normal game plan at all -of course it helped tons that I had nearly 200 Strawberries in my inventory! I’ll do enough next week just to bet the Milk bottles rewards and be dont with it, not gonna go planting lots of crops just for the recipes to get a 2nd Bunny -big deal dont really need another rabbit that will be worthless after 50 harvests LOL

      • One question.. just a general one… not directing it towards anyone in particular, but asking because I have seen this SEVERAL times… why do people keep throwing out the “rigid income” comment? I am level 74 and have not bought any extras to get ahead… You do not have to pay to advance in the game… nor do to have to play it 24/7.. I work full time and have a very active social life.. and I still level up every 1-2 weeks. Having to get 300K exp points SUCKS. lol..

        • those comments always tend to come from the “Causal” Players as i call them Yolanda -they often are daily-players, but they dont really take the time to analize they game like you and I have done, thus have learned to get the maximum results out of out game play. Ive been playing just over 7 months and approaching level 70 and ive passed many of neighbors that have been playing since the game launched over a year ago. But being the consummate “community player” that I am I spend a lot of time giving my lower-level friends and neighbors pointers and tips how to level up easier and make more coins than they know what to do with. I even help out players on the community forum and on the weekly official game blogs that are always whining and complaining about the cost of expansions and other aspects of the game.

  2. OMG, thiz is harder than Robbie Jackson’s dog, Wellard! ROFL!

    Needz to be eazier for us on a rigid income.

    • if you took the time to LOOK O.O at the recipes that will unlock next week before you started whining & crying, you would see that the recipes that we get next week and the following week -will give use from 5 to 10 points each -so progress is sloe now, but when we makes 3 and 4 times the points per recipes it wont be difficult at all.

  3. kinda silly -but will be nice to get to use some of these crafting ingredients i have a big surplus of -though not excited to see salt up there, being we are allowed so few in our inventory and all the recipes always requires 2 or more each

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