Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests

Zynga is gearing up once again for the next Farmville 2 Quests. For this Tuesday Farmville 2 Family Affairs will be the quest of the week which will feature a Photo Reunion Camera. This will be the theme of the quests and the story will revolve around it. Players will be building this by collecting parts from friends and once completed players can click on it to access it’s menu. More image HERE.


Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests 1: Shutterbug Daze

We’d like to hold our Family Reunion on your Farm

Place Photo Reunion Camera
Feed 2 Adult Goats, but keep an eye on where they drop any
Tend your Yogurt Creamery 1 time
30 xp, 300 coins


Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests 2: Inflated Expectations

We can put up some balloons to mark the route, so everyone can see this is the place!

Collect 5 Reunion Balloons to mark the route to your farm
Feed 3 Adult Rabbits
Tend your Rabbit Warren 1 time too
35 xp, 350 coins

Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests 3: Picture This

We usually have to take several photos to get everyone in!

Water 8 Trees to keep this great farm growing strong
Feed 3 Adult Horses
Tend 1 Fertilizer Bin to keep those animal “products” off the ground
40 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests 4: Playing My Song!

My Uncle Earl will only listen to Country Music.

Collect 5 Country Records to please Uncle Earl
Feed 10 Adult Chickens to keep them quiet
Tend your Chicken Coop 1 time
45 xp, 450 coins


Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests 5: Milk It!

It’s true! I can’t believe how much you’ve done with this farm since you came back!

Complete Photo Reunion Camera, so we can take photos at the Family Reunion
Feed 4 Adult Sheep
Tend your Sheep Shack 1 time
50 xp, 550 coins


Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests 6: What a Prize!

I might have bragged about your Prize Crops.

Fertilize 30 Crops to get a chance at Prize Crops
Receive 1 Prize Crop
Tend 1 Fertilizer Bin, to refill your supply
70 xp, 650 coins


Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests 7: Have a Seat!

There’s never enough chairs! Grandpa Finney is picky about his chairs too.

Collect 5 Picnic Chairs to make sure Grandpa has one he likes
Feed 4 Adult Goats to keep them from eating the chairs
Tend 1 Goat Shelter, so your Prized Goats are taken care of too
90 xp, 900 coins


Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests 8: Photo Finish!

Grandma Mabel just loves Cantaloupe Smoothies.

Harvest 25 fresh Cantaloupes
Tend your Furnace 2 times 
Make 2 Cantaloupe Smoothies for Grandma Mabel
120 xp, 1100 coins

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11 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Family Matters Quests

  1. Guys you must complete the Photo Reunion first, once completed it will have a cut scene where your guest will run off then after a pop up box will appear. Click on the “box area” to write something funny or a perhaps a simple message regarding the photo then click the share button. It will now be posted on your wall where your friends can also click for rewards.

  2. Has anyone since Robin around their farms as well? She’s shown up to taste chili while Bob remains amongst the trees in my grove — And speaking of bugs — the chicken house and mud wallow have just about used my last strand of patience.

  3. I would like to know the answer also. I’ve been scouring the forums and Internet but as yet there isn’t even the slightest mention regarding the photos once we take them. Would be nice if they e-mailed them to us because some are really funny and I would like to post them on FB to share with friends for a good jolly laugh.

  4. Where does the picture go that you take? I got my first pic and I have no idea if we get to have the pic or not.

  5. Why can I not sell or put my nesting tree in inventory so that I have more room for the photo shop?

    • Just click the Nesting Tree then a message will say if you want to put it in storage.

  6. The Country Fair has never been to my farm, how am I going to fulfill quest 6 to receive a prize crop?

    • You still can because you can still get a prized crop when you apply fertilizer on your crops.

  7. family matters quest tuesday 26th may
    where is it
    5 mins left of tuesday no sign of the quest

  8. So-so true my friend, non stop refreshing and Bobby on my farm…. like a spy….Can’t jump in for a quick visit… always problems 🙁

  9. It would be nice if Farmville 2 was professionally debugged before more of these missions and quests come out. My friends and I are experiencing nonstop crashing while visiting neighbors not to mention this shadowy figure “Bob Fisher” who has not, thankfully been on my farm, but many of my friends farms. It’s very creepy. Like there’s a hacker loose on their farms. I always look forward to the new quests, but I’ve spent an entire day reloading Farmville and have managed to be able to visit only ten friends. 🙁

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