Farmville 2 Farm Co-ops Coming Soon

It looks like an exciting feature is coming our way in Farmville 2 this month. After introducing the leaderboards and order boards feature, we may have soon a Farmville 2 Co-op Farming feature. On this feature we can create a Co-op team to complete order board challenges and help with our team mate with their needs in theirr farm or join an existing co-op team.  Rewards also in store for those team who will be finishing the challenge.

Beside coins and favors reward, there’s Co-op Power Trophy, Co-op water Trophy, co-op fertilizer Trophy and  Co-op Golden Lure Box Trophy. Check out below for some early pictures of this feature.


Farmville 2 Co-op Farming

Farmville 2 Co-op Farming

This will serve as your Farmville 2 Co-op Headquarters. It is unfinished yet and when you click on it……

Co-op Headquarters


you will receive this message informing you about this feature.


The letter will say:

Co-ops are Coming in Farmville 2

  • Play with other farmer and get tons of help
  • Get crops and the items you need to craft orders.
  • Win 3x Favors to upgrade faster.


Here now is a completed Coop Headquaters:

Completed Co-op Headquarters


Click of the Co-op Headquaters and it will asked you…. Create a Co-op Team or Join an existing Team.

Farmville 2 Co-op Farming



On this screen below, you can create your Co-op team. You can choose the name of your team, the Co-op Motto and you can choose if your friends can only join or it will be for anyone to join.

Create a Co-op Team


On this screen below, you can do search for an existing Co-op team and ask permission if you can join them.

Farmville 2 Co-op Farming


In this screen, the game can also recommend an existing co-op team that you can join.

Farmville 2 Co-op Farming


Your Co-op Team will go through several maps. (10 in total)

Map Route



Each map slot will correspond to a this Town Theme. Most the time your Co-op team will make delivery to this towns.



A total of 100 Town will be made available on this feature. They are as follows:

1. FarmVille 34. Oinkbush 67. Lilyleigh
2. Barrelberg 35. Lake Tater-Salad 68. Backwater
3. Market City 36. Cattail Junction 69. Grannyville
4. Groveland 37. Big Porker’s Field 70. Bald Cypress Hill
5. Willow Wood 38. Little Porker’s Field 71. Blackbear Gate
6. Baylor City 39. Bower’s Bridge 72. Mount Blueford
7. Woolerton 40. Cracked Cat Shack 73. Prospect Pass
8. Timber Creek 41. Waterdrop 74. Rapid City
9. Pepper’s Pasture 42. Bluebird Dale 75. Deep Valley Lane
10. Buckhurst 43. Twitterham 76. Mooseville
11. Hayford 44. Fairfield Grounds 77. Tallwater
12. Cobbler’s Knob 45. Serenity 78. Blackeye Forest
13. New Wellington 46. Red Robin Route 79. Cobblekirk
14. Two Pine’s Glen 47. Old Baity Farms 80. Billie Goat Bluff
15. Sapwood 48. Orange Blossom 81. Dapple Den
16. Chipperfurt 49. Birdie’s Market 82. Appaloosa
17. Ewebury 50. Marigold Bird Sanctuary 83. Picketton
18. Hidden Hollow 51. Templeton 84. Wobbler’s Wallow
19. Three Pine’s Gate 52. Crabapple Cove 85. Andrew’s Farm
20. Grizzly Glen Lodge 53. Sugarwood 86. Braunesberg
21. Bitterberry 54. Honeydew Hills 87. Twister Town
22. The Lonely Wood 55. Blacknose 88. Filly Fields
23. Buster’s Spring 56. Mintmont 89. Quarterhorse Hills
24. Slippery Rockport 57. Cotton’s Crossing 90. Sullivan Stud Farm
25. Daisy Dew Field 58. Baldwood 91. Wildflower Fields
26. Buttermilk Bluff 59. Vermere 92. Lavender Heights
27. Orchard’s Alley 60. Maker’s Mill 93. Whitewater Bend
28. Sister Sarah’s Market 61. Three Bail’s Brush 94. Old Rocky Top
29. Sister Mary’s Market 62. Froggie Bottoms 95. Beach Birch
30. Downtown Saint Charleston 63. Old Wellington 96. Jasper Rapids
31. Graves End Estates 64. Shearington 97. Lake Jasper
32. McCormick Pond 65. Galway 98. Dawnwood
33. Lowland by the Shore 66. Whisker’s Way 99. Misty Mouth Market
100. Butterfly Falls


Your team may also receive one of the following, if you won the challenge:

Co-op Fertilizer Trophy and Lure Trophy


Co-op Power Trophy and Coop Water Trophy



To summarize the Farmville 2 Co-op team feature:

  • You team will compete for the most orders completed in a week.
  • There will be a reward for “Top Farmer of the Week”.
  • “Top Farmer of the Week” will go to the player who contributed the most in completing the orders.
  • The “Top Player of the Week” will also enter to the Hall of Fame.
  • In completing orders, your team can assign who will collect the ingredients or materials in completing orders.


That’s all for now as we anticipate this new feature Farmville 2 Co-op Farming to be released anytime soon.


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6 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Farm Co-ops Coming Soon

  1. I have been part of the testing of the co-op and I’m enjoying it!!!!

  2. This will make it impossible for some. There are a lot of players that ask for stuff and help but never help others. But I am glad to have all this information so that I can explain it to a friend of mine that also plays.

  3. I hope this an optional feature for players, as a past student of University of Phoenix, I am aware all to well of online teams. I think this as a great feature for those who wish to play, but as a requirement will be to much for weekly or monthly players. I am a daily player and look forward to this feature; however, I am at home all day and can play off and on all day long. People with other regular engagements might find this feature intimidating.

  4. This feature when implemented will be the END of farming for me and 7 other players in my household. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

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