Farmville 2 Gift Wrapping Bench Recipes

Farmville 2 is releasing the Gift Wrapping Bench next and along with are some crafting tasks that we need to complete. This post will show you the recipes that we will be crafting for each week. As we mentioned before, the Gift Wrapping Bench will be available fore three weeks. Each week there will be new recipes to make and you can find them all here.

Gift Wrapping Bench


Hot Chocolate Gift BagMarshmallowStrawberry

Hot Chocolate Gift Bag = Marshmallow x10 + Strawberry x12


Jacks and Ball SetHorseshoeBouncy Ball

Jacks and Ball Set = Horseshoe x8 + Bouncy Ball x2

Wooden Cooking SetToy Paint

Wooden Cooking Set = Piece of Wood x6 + Toy Paint x3





Reindeer PlushFurHorseshoe

Reindeer Plush = Fur x8 + Horseshoe x8


White Cranberry CookieCranberryWhite Chocolate Chips

White Cranberry Cookie = Cranberry x12 + White Chocolate Chips x3




Snow Bunny PlushWoolSunflower

Snow Bunny Plush = Wool x8 + Sunflower x12


Candied PecanPecanCandy Tin

Candied Pecan = Pecan x6 + Candy Tin x2


Ceramic Doggy Toy

Ceramic Doggy Toy = Mud x12 + Plastic Wheels x3



INGREDIENTS that can be obtain by posting to newsfeed:

Toy Paint

Toy Paint

White Chocolate Chips

White Chocolate


Candy Tin

Candy Tin


Plastic Wheels

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