Farmville 2 Goat Nursery Preview

Zynga will be releasing the next Farmville 2 quests this week and along with it comes a new buildable Farmville 2 Goat Nursery. This building will hold only the baby goats in your farm. And you can interact with it and also you can give name to your baby goat. Here are some of the early image that we gathered on what it will look like:


You can click the Goat Nursery to interact with your baby goat.


You will need three materials to complete a Goat Nursery. It will need 10 Toy Goats (post to friends), 10 Goat Bedding, and 10 Yellow Paint.


You can choose from these line up on which baby goat you want to place in your Goat Nursery. You can also buy a goat that you like from the General Store then just place it in your just completed Goat Nursery.



Once you placed your baby goat inside the Farmville 2 Goat Nursery you will now have the option of naming it. For example we named this one as Brad Pitt.


Once click confirm and named your baby goat. You will now have this tasks to train your baby goat. You can unlock special abilities and discover its personality!

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