Farmville 2 Gramophone Bench Recipes

We present to you the details of the recipe that we will be crafting in Farmville 2 Gramophone Bench. We reposted earlier this week that the Gramophone Bench will be our next feature in Farmville 2. In this feature, we will be ask to craft a set of recipes in order to hold a dancing lesson. These dancing lesson recipes are as follows.

Gramaphone Bench Recipes

Smart Blazer

Smart Blazer = Fur x4 + Small Button x3



Gentleman GlovesWhite FeatherStitching Needle

Gentleman Gloves = White Feather x4 + Stitching Needle x3



Ball GownFine WoolTiny Needle

Ball Gown = Fine Wool x6 + Tiny Needle x3



High HeelsFine SaddleShoe Heel

High Heels = Fine Saddle x6 + Shoe Heel x3



Gentleman PantsWoolStitching Needle

Gentleman Pants = Wool x4 + Stiching Needle x3



Wrist SashSunflowerPlastic Pin

Wrist Sash = Sunflower x10 + Plastic Pin x3



Gentleman ShirtFine Fleece

Gentleman Shirt = Fine Fleece x6 + Small Button x3



Gentleman ShoesHorseshoeSmooth Sole

Gentleman Shoes = Horseshoe x6 + Smooth Sole x3



Pocket SquareFine FleecePermanent Ink

Pocket Square = Fine Fleece x6 + Permanent Ink x2



Black TieRopeTiny Needle

Black Tie = Rope x6 + Tiny Needle x3

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  1. On the game info page it says that the 1st quest is to place the gramaphone. On my game page the 1st quest is to build it. I can not advance to the next quest. Is anyone else having the same problem?

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