Farmville 2 Guineafowl Birdhouse

Farmville 2 Guineafowl Birdhouse is an upcoming building which will be released on May. You will be adopting a wandering animal, a Coral Blue Guineafowl and a Mukota Mini Pig. But before you can permanently have them in your farm, you will need to complete 3 tasks. We also listed here the possible recipes that will be available once this feature is released on May 2.




Here’s a look at the materials you will need to collect from your friends to build the Guineafowl Birdhouse.

Guniefowl Birdhouse


Gather the following materials to build the Guineafowl Birdhouse:

Birdhouse Post

Birdhouse Post


Wooden Step

Wooden Step


Guinea Feeder

Guinea Feeder


After having collected enough parts, you can finally complete the Guineafowl Birdhouse.



You will these parts during this event.

  1. Metal Punch
  2. Piggy Mould


Here are some of the recipes that are associated with the Guineafowl Birdhouse.

  1. Hollandaise Sauce
  2. Piggy Puzzle
  3. Guinea Horn
  4. Mini Pig Treats
  5. Masala Frittatas
  6. Gravy Taters
  7. Egg Casserole
  8. French Toast
  9. Eggs Benedict
  10. Onion Egg Curry
  11. Spanish Tortilla
  12. Egg Frittata
  13. Gingerbread House
  14. Feather Lampshade
  15. Feather Shawl
  16. Party Headdress
  17. Feather Garland



Coral Blue Guineafowl


Mukota Mini Pig

Mukota Mini Pig


Here are some of the images that associated with this feature.

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  1. i havent recieved this birdhouse or mothersday quest

  2. I haven’t received the birdhouse. I’ve checked my inventory and market there isn’t one

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