Farmville 2 Haunted Farm (Halloween Limited Edition Items)

Coming Soon! Farmville 2 Halloween Limited Edition Items the Haunted Farm collection!┬áTurn your Farm into a Haunted Farm with a Haunted House, Black Amber Broom Corn, and Skeleton Gnomes. Available for a Limited Time! Check out some cool costumes for your avatar like the Werewolf or a Witch Set. These items will be coming in the Market soon as we celebrate the Halloween season this year. Also included on this week 1 of Halloween limited edition items are some different variations of cool Jack o’ Lanterns and Skeleton decors.


Farmville 2 Haunted Farm Items



Costume for your Avatar:

Ghoul Hat Ghoul Outfit

Male: Ghoul Set Outfit


Witch hat Witch Outfit

Female: Witch Set


Ghoul Bride Hat Ghoul Bride Outfit

Female: Ghoul Bride Set


Werewolf Hat Werewolf Outfit

Male: Werewolf Set



Bat Wreath

  • Bat Wreath = Black Amber Broom Corn x8, Wool Thread Spindle x1

Spiderweb Kumquat Bread

  • Spiderweb Kumquat Bread = Nagami Kumquat x12, Flour x3

Broom Corn Corsage

  • Broom Corn Corsage = Black Amber Broom Corn x6, Orange Yarn Flower x1

Witch's Broom

  • Witch’s Broom = Black Amber Broom Corn x10, Piece of Wood x6

Grape Eyeball Cupcake

  • Grape Eyeball Cupcake = Brazilian Grape x8, Batter x1

Apple Jack-O-Lantern

  • Apple Jack-O-Lantern = Arkansas Black Apple x10, Heirloom Orange Icing x1



Nagami Kumquat Tree Nagami Kumquat

Nagami Kumquat Tree

Arkansas Black Apple

Arkansas Black Apple Tree

Brazilian Grape Tree Brazilian Grape

Brazilian Grape Tree



Baby Chinchilla RabbitAdult Chinchilla RabbitPrized Chinchilla Rabbit

Chinchilla Rabbit

Baby Red and White Katahdin SheepAdult Katahdin Sheep Prized Katahdin Sheep

Katahdin Sheep

Baby Black Gypsy Vanner HorseAdult Black Gypsy Vanner HorsePrized Black Gypsy Vanner Horse

Black Gypsy Vanner Horse




Ghostly Jack-O-LanternGhostly Jack-O-Lantern

Captin Jack O'LanternCaptin Jack O’Lantern

Gargoyle Gate EntranceGargoyle Gate Entrance

Skeleton Bride GnomeSkeleton Bride Gnome

Skeleton Groom GnomeSkeleton Groom Gnome

Haunted HouseHaunted House

Wrought Iron FenceWrought Iron Fence

Corn Maze RightCorn Maze Right


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  1. I am hoping for a black male outfit this year and long hair.. something to wear to look “gothic”

  2. Why can’t there be at least one costume that costs coins for us people who don’t have farm bucks :/

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