Farmville 2 Hay Bales Recipes

Farmville 2 is having a new building this Tuesday which will feature the Halloween Wheelbarrow. We will use the Halloween Wheelbarrow to craft Hay Bales. There will be different types of Hay Bales that we can make. Each one will have different value or points.

Hay Bales Recipes

Here’s the different type of Hay Bales that we will be crafting for the Halloween Wheelbarrow:

Two Hay Bales

Two Hay BalesCornSickle

Two Hay Bales = Corn x8 + Sickle x2


Three Hay Bales

Three Hay BalesWheatHay Rake

Three Hay Bales = Wheat x10 + Hay Rake  x3


Five Hay Bales

Five Hay BalesWheatHay Rake

Five Hay Bales = Wheat x10 + Hay Rake  x3


Seven Hay Bales

Seven Hay BalesWheatHay Rake

Seven Hay Bales = Wheat x10 + Hay Rake  x3

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  1. As long as it doesn’t cost any money this should be a good and fun challenge…

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