Farmville 2 Ladybug Catching Kit

Build your Farmville 2 Ladybug Catching Kit and start collecting Ladybugs and win rewards. This will be the next feature that we will be having next week and it promises to give us a cool Baby Magpie Duck as a bonus reward if we collected all 4 rewards. We can expect to have this feature by August 19, Tuesday but we already have here information plus pictures to give you a general idea of what this feature is about.

Ladybug Catching Kit

Ladybug Catching Kit


Place the Ladybug Catching Kit and cutscene will be triggered as Cornelius will visit your farm.

Ladybug Catching Kit


Cornelius will then explained what the Ladybug Catching Kit and he would ask if you could build one.

Cornelius and Ladybug Catching Kit


Then after Cornelius leave you can then see what are the materials you will need to build the Ladybug Catching Kit. As you can see from this picture you will need Wooden Ladybug Tables which can be posted in your feed, Ladybug Flower Pots and Ladybug Catching Nets which can be ask directly from your friends. Depending on how many neighbors you have, your current level will be the number of the materials that will be asked.

Ladybug Catching Kit Materials


After having collected enough materials and helpers you can finally finish the Ladybug Catching Kit.

Completed Ladybug Catching Kit


You can now click the Ladybug Catching Kit to view the prizes that you can get when you collected enough Ladybugs.

Ladybug Catching Kit


Among the rewards are as follow:

Ladybug Sign = 22

Ladybug Sign


Ladybug Table = 44

Ladybug Table


Buttonwood Tree = 66

Buttonwood Tree


Bundle of Power, Fuel and Shears = 88



Bonus Prize for collecting all 4 items:

Magpie Duck

Magpie Duck

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