Farmville 2 Midsummer Fundraiser Square

It’s  here!  The Farmville 2 Midsummer Fundraiser Square feature is up and  running. Win awesome rewards during this event by joining a team that you yourself will pick. Perform the tasks and collect the ticket in order to advance. The more pints you collected the more gifts you can win. There’s also a binus rewards if your team made it to the top 3! here’s more information about this new released feature.

Start the feature as new pop up message will appear.


Marie will visit your farm and inform you about the latest feature the Midsummer Fundraiser Square.


You will be ask to pick which team you want to join. Take note that you will be picking unknowingly from three team.


Once you decide which team to  pick, you will then ask for confirmation.


After confirming, it will be revealed which team you are joining in.


Here’s how the Midsummer Fundraiser Square feature works:

  • There are 9 rounds of 3 days each in this competition. Help our team win the most rounds to finish first!
  • Complete tasks to earn Festival Supplies. These Supplies will reset after every round!
  • Contribute as many Supplies as you can to unlock rewards here. You can collect them up to as many as you can!
  • At the end of each round, teams are awarded Points depending on who collected the most Festival Supplies!
  • The team with the highest Points at the end of 9 rounds will win!



Grey Swiss Fox Rabbit


Wiltshire Horn Sheep


Speckle Park Cow


Speed Grow Machine


Here are some of the images that are associated with this feature:



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