Farmville 2 Mini Barn

Here’s a preview of the Farmville 2 Mini Barn where you will build play shed to keep a couple of baby mini cow engaged and away from the baby cow. Build the Mini Barn in your farm with hep from your friends and win exciting rewards. There will be two types of cow that you can win, the Evolene Cow and the Charbray Mini Cow. The Farmville 2 Mini Barn is scheduled for released  on Tuesday (April 17th).

Place the Mini Barn in your farm.


Here’s a look at the materials we will need in building the MINI BARN


Collect the following parts by asking your friends or by helping your friend.

Baby Cow Mobile


Cow-Print Cushion


Barn Roof Tiles


After collecting enough parts, you’ll then ask your friend to help you build the MINI BARN.



Here’s a look at a completed MINI BARN



Recipes that are associated with the MINI BARN feature.

  1. Sunflower Crackers
  2. Lily Potpourri
  3. Burlap lily Notebook
  4. Shell Mason Jar
  5. Shell Curtain
  6. Feather Hair Clip
  7. Feather Stationery
  8. Clay Magnet
  9. Earthen Table Lamp
  10. Creep Feeder
  11. Milk Sippy Cup
  12. Hoof Care Kit



Evolene Cow


Charbray Mini Cow



Here’s some of the images that are associated with the FARMVILLE 2 MINI BARN feature.

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