Farmville 2 My Family Farm Starter Guide

As the release of Farmville 2 My Family Farm feature is near we have prepared an early preview of what you may expect once this feature is implemented. You may start your partners training by clicking the My Family Farm House just along your farms Pasture. You can now view your partners progress by clicking the house.

 My Family Farm

Once we have the My Family Farm feature, you will train your partner in various works in the farm. There will be like a “Farm Story” where you can see the progress of your partners training.

My Family Farm Story


As we can see, Chapter 1 is Crop Care and Tree Care. Chapter 2 is Foraging and Animal Care. Chapter 3 is Pearl Diving and Tree Pruning. And finally Chapter 4 is Cave Exploring and Baby Animal Care.

My Family Farm Story


On this example, we can see the initial task Crop Care is easy.

Crop Care

When you performing a task in your farm you can see in the picture that you partner is also helping. In this case your partner doesn’t spend energy. But there’s a part where you need your partner to do a certain tasks then this action will cost an energy.

Crop Care


Once you completed the training a “success message” will appear. In this example we can see that we successfully train the Crop Care.

Crop Care Success

You can see the training progress of your partner by clicking the avatar.

My Family Farm Jobs


As you can see from the image there is an additional option where you can choose your partner to do a certain farm chores.

My Family Farm Preview


We can see that it looks like there’s a plan to extend the members of your My Family Farm.

My Family Farm

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4 thoughts on “Farmville 2 My Family Farm Starter Guide

  1. I am currently trying to complete the last task for animal care, “Harvest the Hen house 2 times for more eggs”. I click on GO TO FARM and then click on the hen house but the task isn’t completed and I have harvested the hen house at least 5 times. Help? I’m running out of time.
    Thank you

  2. when we use tree care we find that only one tree /groove is effected though in the case of corp care two fields are effected like the other quest (blue jay,squirell,frog etc).As the family member should have more say in the running of the farm,we feel that in the tree care also at least two grooves should be effected.

  3. This was supposed to be give to all of us today, and I’m still waiting. It’s 9:13p CST.

  4. Lousy implementation.

    For anyone just getting this;

    1) Family REQUIRES MEALS AND ENERGY (every four HOURS)

    2) You have to find the free Picnic Table (Mine was NOT in Inventory but in the Market) to make meals from your already prepared Kitchen items.

    3) There is NOT currently an easily seen meter for when your Family Member has enough Energy to continue. Hovering over shows NO METER. Clicking shows a clock like time but you may have to click more than once to see it since it flashes on and off very quickly.

    4) If you’re strictly a free player, OR, you only use cash sparingly because you’re not wealthy, there is a chance (because of the awful timer) you may not complete the quest line. I don’t know if this impacts this “feature” or not.

    5) You will find NO real in-game help. You MUST go to the forums to find out anything because even this page is not complete.

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