Farmville 2 Pickling Corner Recipe List

Farmville 2 Pickling Corner is the newest feature that will be coming in the game on Tuesday (Sept 1). In it are set of new limited time recipes that player will be crafting to earn pickling points. These recipes are only for the Pickling Corner which means you can’t find them in your Kitchens recipe list. You can open multiple Pickling Corner station and you’ll be allowed to have 5 stations.

Pickling Corner Recipes


– This recipes will be available for crafting once the Pickling Corner is released and will be exclusive only for the Pickling Corner Building. You can’t craft these recipes at the Kitchen.

Sour Citrus ChutneyOrangeLemon

Sour Citrus Chutney = Orange x10 + Lemon x10


Pickled Bamboo ShootWater BambooCorn

Pickled Bamboo Shoot = Water Bamboo x10 + Corn x10


Bitter Rind PickleChinese Bitter Melon

Bitter Rind Pickle = Chinese Bitter Melon x12


Pickled EggsOlivesEgg

Pickled Eggs = Olives x10 + Egg x8


Nutty Pumpkin PicklePumpkinPecan

Nutty Pumpkin Pickle = Pumpkin x12 + Pecan x6


Pickled OnionsOnionMustard Seed

Pickled Onions = Onions x8 + Mustard Seeds x3 (Ask Friends)


Pickled PinkStrawberryRadish

Pickled Pink = Strawberries x8 + Radish x8


Spicy Tomato PickleTomatoChili Oil

Spicy Tomato Pickle = Tomatoes x6 + Chili Oil x3 (Ask Friends)


Pickled SunshineCorn

Pickled Sunshine = Corn x12


Pickled Candied FruitStrawberryMango

Pickled Candied Fruit = Strawberry x8 + Mango x4


Cranberry RelishCranberryApple

Cranberry Relish =  Cranberry x10  + Apple x8


Hot Onion RelishOnionWater Pepper

Hot Onion Relish = Onion x10 + Water Pepper x10


Sweet and Sour RelishEggplantSweet Dill

Sweet and Sour Relish = Eggplant x6 + Sweet Dill x3 (Ask Friends)


NOTE: Heirloom version of the mentioned recipes above will also count.

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