Farmville 2 Rocking Chair Guide

Coming next week a new feature that will enable us to decorate our farm for the Holidays. The Farmville 2 Rocking Chair will be the next feature and it will release new set of tasks each week for us to complete. The story will be about Marie who has just found a book about the Holidays and the best way to read the story in it is by sitting in a Rocking Chair. Here are some information regarding with this up and coming release:

Farmville 2 Rocking Chair


Place the unfinished Rocking Chair in your farm:

Rocking Chair


Once you placed it a cutscene will occur and Marie will arrive in your farm and will tell that she just found a book:

Farmville 2 Holiday Book


After these cutscene, Walter and Gus will arrive in your farm to decorate your Market Stand:

Farmville 2 Decorated Market Stand


After they done decorating it will look like this:

Farmville 2 Rocking Chair


Now you can click the Rocking Chair to see what materials will it need to build it

Farmville 2 Rocking Chair




Farmville 2 Rocking Chair


We will need the following materials to complete the Rocking Chair:

Wooden Headboard

Wooden Head Board x10


Wooden Rockers

Wooden Rockers x10


Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion x10



Once all the materials are gathered and collected the required helpers it can now finally built and will look like this:

Farmville 2 Rocking Chair


Click on it and it will have the following “Menu:

Farmville 2 Rocking Chair


For the First Week tasks you can see it HERE:

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8 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Rocking Chair Guide

  1. When will everyone receive this task? The last week’s combined tasks of animal hospital + fire pit was a little intense.. didn’t really have time, barely completed the hospital one but really wanted to because of the rewards, they were great rewards. From the sounds of it, I’m gonna have to buy some more pigs for this task.. but I’d love to actually GET it first.

  2. I’m usually the last person to complain -but the DEV’s were high on something when they thought up the first weeks goals of this holidays lights mission. 18 of each bulb is totally rediculous even for highly-active players. They must forgot that we all used a TON of mud (and many players still are) to make all the Mushrooms for the pig feast. Boy, their gonna get flooded with complaints from players that have lived and thus can only play once or twice a day -theres no way they’ll be able to collect all the glass, and mud needed to make all the bulbs. 12 would have been much more reasonable, but even that is a lofty goal fot then non power players.

  3. Nice! Seems very cosy, can’t wait to see the X-Mass lights on all the neighbours farms!

    • Well Sylvia -my Farm is in California near the Pacific ocean and its never come close to snowing here – I havent and winter clothes! O.o LOL

  4. awwww, and here i thought the snowfall was gonna start next week, but by the beta screen shots obviously not -hope they dont wait to have it start till we finish the whole event cause that wont be till after christmas

    • Rest assured James, I’m sure they won’t wait that long! Enjoy the weather while it lasts, we’ll be having snowfall for a fair amount of time, don’t worry 😉

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