Farmville 2 Sweetheart Tree

Build the Farmville 2 Sweetheart Tree and earn rewards! This is part of the Farmville 2 Sweet Opportunity Quests where you have to complete building the Sweetheart Tree. A Sweetheart Tree is not your ordinary tree, it will be like a decoration building or set where you can click it to gain access to it’s menu. Now once players clicked the Sweetheart Tree it will have a list of goods where players can exchange the Valentines that they collected when harvesting trees. The more tree a player harvested the more chances of getting Valentines.



Gus will be visiting your farm and will tell you a short background story about his mystery crush or “love”. Then before leaving he will then ask you a favor of finish building the Sweetheart Tree that’s he’s going to give. Place the frame or unfinished Sweetheart Tree in a convenient location in your farm.

Here are the items that you will need to finish building the Sweetheart Tree:

Shovel = 10 pcs (ask friends for this)

Bag of Soil = 10 pcs (this are posted so the fastest way to collect these are by going to and play Farmville 2 the once in game post this request. You can also see from the ride side panel a stream of some players asking for help for Bag of Soil you can help them by clicking on it and will receive also one.)

Wood Planks = 10 pcs


Harvest Trees to get a chance to receive Valentines which you can exchange in the Sweetheart Tree.

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  1. Valentines. They appear when I harvest trees. I click them .. Sometimes they generate a message “Share with friends” and I click it… My friends do not receive anything. Also, the sweetheart tree does not receive record of the hearts. Only one out of 5 or 6 valentines gathered appears on the tree. Also when I manufacture valentines in the kitchen they do not appear on the tree. The worst thing is wasting stuff (cocoa and sugars) you have to beg friends for by making valentines that just disappear. Am I missing something?

  2. I posted above my correspondence with support regarding lost experience points with the new levels. Please let me know your experience and what support may have told you. I have not gotten the developer answer to my correspondence. I will let you know if they even do anything about this situation. I still can’t believe they even did this. How can game developers not know not to do this? It is bizarre to me. I think they are goons.

  3. This morning, I contacted customer service again about the lost experience points after level 41. So here is that transcript.
    Hi Aunt Dowd! How can I help?
    Aunt Dowd: Hello, Joyce.
    Aunt Dowd: I need to have a discussion about the new level up.
    Aunt Dowd: I contacted support yesterday and this morning, I am wondering if the agent Joel just was really off in what he told me.
    Aunt Dowd: What happened is that for months, I had been on level 40.
    Aunt Dowd: Well, the game leveled me to 41 and I lost all my experience points passed 41. I did not get any more levels and my experience points are gone.
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent at the end of your chat.
    Joyce C.: Aunt Dowd, I understand that you’re missing 1 full level. Is that right?
    Aunt Dowd: Joyce, I had accrued close to 600,000 experience points since reaching level 40.
    Aunt Dowd: Last November, I contacted support and asked about the accruing of points and support told me experience points would accrue — absolutely — and I would get the levels when they became available.
    Aunt Dowd: I have never know this to happen in the games.
    Joyce C.: Okay. Please give me a moment while I look into this.
    Aunt Dowd: How can a game be about getting experience points and then, the game changes and wipes out all your points.
    Joyce C.: Thank you for patiently waiting Aunt Down. Unfortunately, I don’t have the authority to add that much. So I forwarded this to our team who will investigate and work on this. In most cases, we push out a resolution within 24 – 48 hours. In the meantime, I added 10 Baby Bottle and 10 Water to help you with your Farm. You will see it in your Inventory.
    Aunt Dowd: Joyce, I can no longer play the game. I feel like a fool. The game wiped out all my progress. I would have stopped playing if the game was over at level 40. Customer service assumed me that the accruing points would count towards the new level ups. I have that transcript. I sure does not tell me you are only going to get one level and lose everything else.
    Aunt Dowd: Joyce, you do understand that this has to be the all time craziest thing a Zynga game has ever done. One second I am getting an award of experience points from a quest and the next, the game leveled up and took not just that award but all of my points. Gone. What was I playing for?
    Joyce C.: We appreciate your feedback and we are really sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. I will make sure to pass it along to our product studio. Other than that, is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Aunt Dowd: Joyce, it isn’t just an inconvenience. The game took my experience points. We play for coins and experience points. It is the game. This isn’t just inconvenience.
    Aunt Dowd: Joyce, I will not play until FV2 gives me my levels for my experience points. If it doesn’t happen soon, I will no longer be interested. I sure can’t play a game that thinks it can wipe out player’s experience points. That is the all time craziest thing that has ever happened to me.
    Aunt Dowd: Farmville would never get away with doing that. There would be a wave of riot going on. Maybe people don’t play FV2 so FV2 thinks they can do this to people. Not to me though.
    Joyce C.: Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve forwarded this to our studio for further review. Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to restore level or that much XP. Rest assured that we’ll look into this and get back to you through email. Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Aunt Dowd: Yes, get back to me please. I won’t know it is fixed unless I get an e-mail. I won’t touch the game until I know my experience points are given back to me. It is over for me until I hear from you. It is up to Zynga whether they do this or not. I certainly can’t play anymore. I feel like a fool. I sure can’t play anymore feeling like this.
    Aunt Dowd: I told my group that I am not playing until I get my points back.
    Aunt Dowd: Anybody at level 40, lost their accrued points passed level 41.
    Aunt Dowd: Why was I planting? Why was I doing quests? Why would FV2 think they can wipe out experience points? I don’t know but until I do, I am not touching the game.
    Aunt Dowd: I can’t believe Zynga did this and it seals my thoughts of how Zynga is going for sure.
    Aunt Dowd: Joyce, are you there? Please have them act fast because if there are delays, I won’t be playing until it is resolved.
    Aunt Dowd: If it takes too long to be resolved, I would not come back. Too much time lost.
    Joyce C.: Thank you for your feedback. I’ll forward it to our Studio.
    Aunt Dowd: My trust in the game is gone. I am not playing now. I have no faith that Zynga will even resolve this major all time craziest horror fool action that they did. How could it happen in the first place? Faith and truth are gone now.
    Aunt Dowd: Joyce, that it even happened, tells me a lot.
    Aunt Dowd: I am going to close. I won’t open the game. If I don’t get an e-mail soon, there is no way to salvage my return. I have told my whole group. I have told whatever sites I can tell. I will see what Zynga does but if they don’t act fast, more than just me are gone.
    Joyce C.: I’ve forwarded your feedback now and rest assured that we’ll look into this.
    Joyce C.: Have a great day! Bye!
    Aunt Dowd: Thank you Joyce. I was thinking maybe Joel was just not a good communicator or something. Like, how can I be getting this nonresponse.
    Aunt Dowd: Thank you for the further discussion.

  4. info: You are now chatting with ‘Joel C.’.
    Hi Aunt Dowd! How can I help?
    Joel C.: Hello.
    Aunt Dowd: Hello, I just went into the game and it leveled me up to 41. I had close to 600,000 points. How can I possibly have gone to 41 and lost my points that I had accrued. Wow wee FV2 is really trying to make people EXPLODE. I didn’t appreciate a level up without warning either because I always plan those.
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
    Joel C.: I see that you level up earlier my co-farmer?
    Aunt Dowd: I don’t know what you mean co-farmer.
    Joel C.: Actually, the level cap has changed. While you stayed on Level 40 you still keep acquiring xp.
    Aunt Dowd: Right, so I had close to 600,000 points and I went to 41. So, where are all my other points and level ups?
    Joel C.: Now you level up with out any notice. You acquired all the xp that you need to reach level 41.
    Aunt Dowd: What happened to my other points?
    Aunt Dowd: Please answer this question because I am very MAD right now.
    Joel C.: They are now gone, Aunt Dowd.
    Aunt Dowd: I have been play forever without getting the level up and I have been accruing points and so now I let level 41 but my points are gone? I think bot.
    Aunt Dowd: No. Then I lost my points.
    Aunt Dowd: They did not count for anything.
    Aunt Dowd: I could have abandoned the game and done better.
    Joel C.: You need to reach the level 42 from scratch like when you were in earlier levels.
    Aunt Dowd: No, genius. My points were accruing. You have taken my points and gave me nothing.
    Aunt Dowd: I should be passed level 50 by now.
    Aunt Dowd: Joel, I am very angry. I will go wage a war against FV2 for this.
    Joel C.: This is what I will do my co-farmer. I will create a report and have our Team check your account. In the meantime I will give you 20 farm bucks for this trouble. In addition, give you 30 pack of water and 25 speed grow to help you on your Farm. How’s that sound?
    Aunt Dowd: Look, you have a few more minutes to resolve this problem and then the gloves are off between me and FV2.
    Aunt Dowd: Joel, I want my level ups. Don’t pass me off to some dead file. I am going to war. This needs to be resolved NOW. The game took all my points and gave me 1 level. Noway is this happening to me. Noway will it happen in this game because I WILL WAR. This is WAR!
    Aunt Dowd: Okay, the minutes are up. WAR TIME. YOU ARE GOING TO GET A WAR. HERE IT COMES.
    Joel C.: I understand where you are coming from my co-farmer. But this is a new feature release from our Team that needs to be escalated.
    Aunt Dowd: Your team just pissed off its players and your team just chased off more players. Your team has created war. I am going to WAR. Fools.

    • Same thing happened to me just a minute a go. I logged in and then surprisingly i leveled up i need a couple of hundred thousand points to level last night before i logged out. It’s strangely weird.

  5. Hi,
    While playing farmville2, I accidently sold the sweet heart tree. Could you please help in retrieving it back?

    • Usually you may request it back by filing a ticket form Zynga support. I tired it several times and they usually respond well with case like this.

  6. Great.. Now fix the build request for the tree…

    Hope you don’t have a broken one like me. Ask all your friends and they can see a request but no way to accept.

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