Farmville 2 Swimming in River Expansion Sneak Peek

Have you notice that we can now see the expansion slot for the Farmville 2 River in game? There are 4 slot to expand 2 and you can see it in the lower side of your farm. The four expansion slot are as follows The Dock, The Buffalo Brook, The Riverside and The Far Shore. And we notice that actually the character can swim in the river! Check out the video that we captured.




Yup we can swim in Farmville 2 when the river expansion finally opens up:



The expansion slot that we will be unlocking when Farmville 2 River expansion opens up:

The Dock


Buffalo Brook


The Riverside


The Far Shore

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9 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Swimming in River Expansion Sneak Peek

  1. I truly hope we can pay for the expansion with coins I’m on disability and can’t afford the coast but I love this game and play every day I’m at level 78

  2. I agree about these expansions. I don’t have the funds to pay for them and refuse to put in money for farm bucks as I don’t feel the need to pay for a game that is free. I have been playing FarmVille 2 for a stress free ordeal. I refuse to pay out money just to get extensions, it is not worth my time to do so.

  3. I’m wondering (like everyone else) how much these expansions will cost. I hope they will be available for coins. Otherwise they will just sit the are the right of my screen.
    If I am able to buy them, I’m sure I will have to rearrange the layout of my farm to accommodate the expansions. I wouldn’t want my animals treading water at their current location . (LOL) However, rearranging things on the farm is fun and helps keep the game interesting. I think this will be a nice feature.

  4. I hope someone reads this that help some of help I paid $20 for 50 waters and got none. please real money is tight and buying water to play a game is very silly to some people but I take it serious. I love the game but hate the unfairness the game plays us.

  5. Since they are working on these new levels, there is not a whole lot of choosing like in animals that you have to buy with coins or
    farm bucks. Hope they don’t forget the people who are not at
    high levels and keep programming for us who are still at the bottom
    of the game.

    How do you get free farm bucks? Take surveys and they want you to buy stuff. No Thanks.

  6. i haven’t got the other extensions yet cause they are so expensive. ad here comes another extensios. I hope there’s a possibility to get more bucks without buying them.

  7. el juego se ve estupendo, lo que si sugiero a ZINGA es que las expansiones que dan hacia el rio no sean costosas y dificiles de obtener, ya que eso significa avance en la granja y mucha entretencion para nosotros los jugadores.


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