Farmville 2 Tricky Treats Quests

Farmville 2 Tricky Treats Quest 1/3: Good Spirits

The kids down at the local school are super-excited about making a ghost float for the Halloween parade! Let’s pitch in to make it a ghoul school!


Sell 10 Wool for the ghost costumes

Sell 10 Persimmons to the PTA

Sell 10 Pumpkins for Jack-o’-lanterns


2 xp, 50 coins


Farmville 2 Tricky Treats Quest 2/3: Experimental Remedies

Every year we get this nutty Doctor Van something or other looking for “magic” amulets and stuff to ward off “evil.” He pays top coin and is mostly harmless…sigh.


Sell 60 Garlic for Doctor Van

Sell 4 Garlic Bread

Tend 3 rabbits’ feet


3 xp, 100 coins


Farmville 2 Tricky Treats Quest 3/3: Cauldron O’ Cookies

It’s time to stock up on tasty treats for all the trick or treaters that will be visiting the farm soon! Let’s get baking!


Craft 2 Scary Cakes

Craft 5 Candy Apples

Bake 2 Skeleton Cookies


4 xp, 400 coins

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