Farmville 2 Unrelased Items (Summer Celebration)

We gather some information on what can be the Summer Celebration Limited Edition items in Farmville 2 game. This can be expected to be release this Monday. Among the release are a collection of animals and trees. There is also a Watermelon and we are suspecting that this may play a part in the next Farmville 2 quest.







Independence Nectarine Tree


Blue Jacaranda Tree


Red Ash Tree




California Red Sheep


Red Wattle Hog


American Quarter Horse


Sable Saanen Goat




Blue Stripe Beach Chair, Red Stripe Beach Chair, and Star Beach Chair


Mini Box of “White” Flowers, Mini Box of “Red” Flowers, and Mini Box of “Blue” Flowers


Patriotic Scarecrow, Pinwheel Firework, and Summer Picnic Blanket


Summer Celebration Pavilion

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