Farmville 2 Wedding Reception Wagon Feature

We are now in the second week of the wedding preparation for Walter and Barbara and for this week we will have the Farmville 2 Wedding Reception Wagon. It’s a new limited time farm decoration table where we will be making Wedding Satchels. Now these Wedding Satchels can then be exchange for some exclusive reward. So let’s prepare!

Wedding Reception Wagon

Weddin Reception Wagon Guide


  • Help with the Wedding Guestlist!
  • Make Satchels and invite your friends!
  • Make Satchels for the Wedding Guests!
  • Invite friends to collect Wedding Satchels!
  • Collect RSVPs for rewards!


As soon as we enter, the game will be paused and a popup message will appear explaining that there is a new feature. and then we will have to place the Wedding Reception Wagon.

Wedding Reception Wagon


Upon placing we can click it to see the materials we will need in order to build it.

Wedding Reception Wagon Materials


After collecting enough parts we will then need helpers to build it. We will need some friends help sow we will be ask them if them can lend a hand. After having enough helpers we can now finally finish it completely.

Wedding Recption Wagon


Now if we click it we can now see that we need to collect Wedding Satchels. As we can see fro the picture there are 3 type of recipe that we need to craft in order to collect Wedding Satchels.

Wedding Recption Wagon Menu

Collecting enough Wedding Satchels can be exchange for exclusive items.


The following are the 3 type of Wedding Satchels recipe and it’s ingredients.

Flower Petal Stachels

Flower Petal Satchels


Confetti Satchel

Confetti Satchels


Bubble Wand Satchel

Bubble Wand Satchels


The Wedding Reception Wagon Rewards


Wedding Dresser

Wedding Dresser


Wedding Ice Sculpture

Wedding Ice Sculpture


White Willow Tree

White Willow Tree


Candlestick Lantern

Candlestick Lantern



Thrianta Rabbit

Baby Thrianta Rabbit


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