Farmville Enchanted Glen Quests 5

Zynga and Farmville is set to release the follow up chapter on the ongoing Farmville Enchanted Glen Quests. The story unfolds as we welcome Tempest and she will finally reveal her true nature. This is a farm exclusive quests so you may not use your other farms as the crops that will be planted are Enchanted Glens. There is also a couple of crafting and it will be done in the Fairy Kitchen. So good luck and let’s follow the story of the fairies.


Farmville Quest 1: Say the Magic Word

I must admit, the fact that the throne room is locked down makes me even more suspicious of Tempest, don’t you agree? I wonder how we get in?

Get 6 Magic Words
Harvest 20 Gossamer Ivy
Harvest the Home Mushroom Twice
Abracadabrat, 150 xp, 250 fp, Magic Maple x2, 3000 coins


Farmville Quest 2: High Level Clearance

Maybe the way in is more high tech than magic.

Get 8 Mystical Key Cards
Harvest 20 Boggart Bulb
Harvest Abracadabrat Twice
Peaceful Fairy, 200 xp, 260 fp, Rain Drops x2, 3500 coins

Farmville Quest 3: Devices from the Otherworld

Maybe Tempest is getting really tricky with the lock.

Get 8 Otherworldly Openers
Harvest 30 Honey Melon
Make 2 Goblin Wine
Toadstool Tree, 250 xp, 270 fp, Fairy Dust x2, 4000 coins


Farmville Quest 4: Invisible Keys

Sorry about Nix. She always starts acting a little funny when Lucus is around. Or mentioned. Or within a few miles.

Get 8 Invisible Keys
Harvest 40 Nectarkin
Master Abracadabrat to 1-Star
Invisible Chicken, 300 xp, 280 fp, Magic Maple x2, 4500 coins


Farmville Quest 5: When You Gotta Ghost, You Gotta Ghost

The ghosts who haven’t learned how to walk through walls use Spectral Lock Picks to get in where they need to go. Just trust me on this.

Get 9 Spectral Lock Picks
Harvest 50 Ambrosia Tulip
Harvest Invisible Chicken Twice
Spectral Garden, 350 xp, 290 fp, Rain Drops x2, 5000 coins


Farmville Quest 6: Talk It Over Tea

Have you heard anything new on what’s happening with Sola and the Spire? Oh, How I hope this is all fixed soon!

Get 10 Talk it Over Tea
Harvest 60 Fairy Foxglove
Make 1 Dream Cookie
Storm Pegasus, 400 xp, 300 FP, Fairy Dust x2, 5500 coins

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