Farmville 2 Daily Gifts Speed Grow Giveaway (February 16, 2018)

We have here a batch of free gifts in Farmville 2 which are given for today (February 16th) which will give speed grow and more. The items you can get from these gifts will help you in growing your flowers and plants faster. You can also get item that are helpful in completing your chores. Also included on this batch are some of the latest kitchen upgrade for your kitchen that will allow your to cook more recipes faster. These free gifts are limited in numbers so please be patient with it as the official Farmville 2 is limiting free gifts.

Free Speed Grow

Just remember that get only few to give way our other friends. Getting more than 5 may result in penalty.

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One thought on “Farmville 2 Daily Gifts Speed Grow Giveaway (February 16, 2018)

  1. Thanks! Also thanks for the addition of the unwither boosts – I need those! Maybe we should have a day of that! Once again Thanks!

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