Guide for How to Post Farmville 2 Requests, Links for Friends

Ok guys, this guide will show you how to post your Farmville 2 requests or help links quickly. We prepared an easy to follow steps with pictures so that you can follow it easily. It involves only 4 steps and you can share you Farmville request links  in you Timeline or Farmville 2 Groups the quickest way. NOTE: Please read the guide from start to finish.

How to Post Farmville 2 Links


On this example, we are going to ask for “CIDER MIXERS”. First we have to click the “POST” button for the Cider Mixers.




Scenario 1: After clicking the “POST” button, WAIT for the “Message sent!” notice which you can see on the right side of the game screen. If you DIDN’T receive this notice, then your POST for request didn’t posted right. If this is the case, then close the Dialog BOXOpen the dialog box again, if you see the “POST” button is grayed, then you have to reload the game.

Scenario 2: Some players will receive the POP UP MESSAGE after clicking the “POST”. If that’s the case, you have to follow this INSTRUCTION in order to post your request successfully in your Facebook Timeline.





After receiving the “Message Sent” notice, check your Facebook Timeline to see if your request is posted. If not, visit your Facebook game activity section. For Farmville 2, you can find it HERE (IMPORTANT! Bookmark this PAGE because you have to visit this page frequently to get the links of your request. Here’s a great guide on how to bookmark a webpage -> HERE). Did you see it in your activity section? if it’s there you can now share it to Facebook Timeline by clicking “SHARE”.







Setting this post in PUBLIC so that other members of your FARMVILLE 2 GROUPS will see your request and won’t see this notice:



SUCCESS! Now you can now copy the link and share with your group. If you still not a member of a Farmville 2 Group or if you want to be a member of additional group, you can join us HERE.

In case you want to learn how to copy and share you help request links, we have a guide HERE.



Any questions or additional suggestion, corrections or ideas you can post it at the comment section or in our Facebook Page which is HERE or in our Facebook Group which is HERE.

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