Problem in Harvesting Oats in Farmville 2

As of now we can’t make the Oat Cake in Farmville 2 Horse Month Second Week. This is because the crop “Oats” is currently not available the market. So how can we harvest Oats or make the Oat Cake? so far we can’t. Because Oats is supposed to be scheduled to be release next week. But Zynga apparently is aware of the problem according to an official statement. For now all we have to do is wait and hope zynga fixed this issue as soon as possible. Here is a copy of the statement:


Zynga’s Support Statement:

Cannot Craft Oat Cakes
Fri Jun 21 08:56:51 EDT 2013 (136) like
Hi, farmers!

A few players have informed us that they are unable to craft Cake Oats for their Training Stall Week 2 requirement since the item that will produce Oats is not available.

We have heard our farm-tastic players loud and clear and expect this issue to be resolved around 11:00 am (PST). We are currently updating the requirements for you to continue enjoying tasks for Week 2.

You do not need to contact support about this issue, but you can click the “Vote To Fix” button below to help us track affected players.

Thank you again while we work on this issue. We appreciate your patience.

FarmVille 2 Support




Update: Oats is now available in the General Store.

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  1. if your listening zynga support , I am totally upset that I do not have the county fair and have been to many sites to try and get it . i have worked hard on this game and invested gift cards and my fellow farmers have caught up to and surpassed me. because I don’t have the benifits of the fair. Please please help me get the fair I have posted on my timeline as i am so aggrivated i have been waiting patiently for weeks /since it came out . As a paying customer i deserve to get what comes with the game. i will not stop,until i get it . Hopefully it will get resolved. If anybod knows how to contact someone from the game please email me or fb me ty

  2. where can i get oats to produce oat cake

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