Unrelease Farmville 2 Pig Shower and Items

Here are some of the unrelease items that maybe coming to the market this week in Farmville 2. We notice that the pig shower looks like an interactive which is kinda cool. Other items that we see are the four type patches that you may place to decorate your farm. There are also 3 new recipe that will use Glass Gem Corn. Here are some of the images of the unrelease items.






The Farmville 2 Pig Shower will have four stages. Now each stage will require a number pigs that needed to be fed in order to fill the bar which you can see when you click on the Pig Shower. Each stage will have different prizes. Players will have ten days to collect the prizes from the day of release and it will disappear after the tenth.


Farmville 2 Pig Shower



Mushrooms Play Area

Hay Play Area

Dandelion Play Area

Clover Play Area



New Recipes:

Rainbow Corn Salsa

Rainbow Corn Fritters

Rainbow Candy Corn

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