Where to get Fur beside from Deer in Farmville 2

Okay, a lot of players have been wondering where to get “Fur” in Farmville 2 to used in crafting the “Soft Fur Blanket” which is one of the requirement in 2nd Week of Horse Month Quests 2 “Made for Trotting”.



The game tip says (when you hover the mouse cursor in the item) it says you can get “Fur” by feeding “Deer”. Many players are looking for alternative way to get fur since deer’s are available in the General Store for only FV2 Cash. Some players may do have a deer already especially players who played and completed the “Wandering Deer” quest but the thing is it was months ago and those deer that was given as a reward was already in prized stage right now. Now the question is, is there any other way to obtain fur in Farmville 2 game?


The answer is “yes”, fur that is used in crafting the soft fur blanket can also be obtained from “Buffalo” or “Brown American Buffalo”. It is readily available in the General Store and can be bought with coins for only 12,000. So check out the General Store and buy a Buffalo and raise it to adult so that you can tend it for those fur.


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