Coming Soon Farmville 2 Trick or Treat Stand!

Coming in Farmville 2! The Trick-or-Treat Stand feature. Collect parts and hire your friends to build your Trick-or-Treat Stand. Once completed you can now start crafting Halloween Recipe. There are 3 type of recipe to craft and each recipe have an equivalent number of tickets that you can earn everytime you craft a recipe in the Farmville 2 Trick-or-Treat Stand. These tickets can then be redeemed for an exclusive items. Find out more here:


Farmville 2 Trick or Treat Stand



Once you enter in game on the day of the release you will receive a popup message informing you about this feature. You will then have an opportunity to place the Trick-or-Treat Stand. After placing the Trick or Treat Stand you will then need the following parts in order to complete it:

Cauldron Cauldron x10

Spiderweb Tablecloth Spiderweb Tablecloth x10

Jack-O-Lantern Jack-O-Lantern x10



After completing all the parts and asking your friends to become it’s builder you will now have a finished Trick or Treat Stand:

Trick or Treat Stand


Click on it and you will see this see “menu”:

Trick or Treat Stand


It will show that you will need to collect “tickets” in order to exchange it for a prize. One way to get tickets are to craft the following recipe. Each recipe will have different ticket equivalent:

Jack-o-Lantern Bag  Jack-o-Lantern Bag = Ticket1 Ticket

Jack-o-Lantern Bag


Bat Bag Bat Bag = Ticket2 Ticket

Bat Bag



Spider Bag Spider Bag = Ticket3 Ticket

Spider Bag



Items that can be exchange:

Spooky Lantern Spooky Lantern = Ticket10 Ticket

Ghostly Fence Ghostly Fence = Ticket25 Ticket

Goodie Bag Goodie Bag = Ticket45 Ticket

Cobweb Arch Cobweb Arch = Ticket70 Ticket

Baby Harlequin Rabbit Baby Harlequin Rabbit = Ticket110 Ticket


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  1. Totally Offended as Halloween is not celebrated in our household. We’ll take a hiatus during this holiday and may never return- play is already reduced due to the direction of the game with all of the forced features and negative changes.

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