Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quests

Halloween is in the air in Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quests. A brand new Farmville 2 Quests that will be released Tuesday (10/15). We will be helping Walter in understanding why people enjoy this spooky time of the year. Walter thinks Halloween seems a bit silly to him so we gonna show him how to enjoy it. We have here the information on everything you will need to know about this latest quest.

Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quests


Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quest 1: Halloween Help


Harvest 10 Black Crowberry Black Crowberry to get a head start on this seasonal spooky crop. (skip 7)

Harvest 4 Lemon Tree Lemon Tree for the sour lemons you’ll need for a creepy recipe. (skip 5)

Make 1 Crowberry Gelatin Crowberry Gelatin for all your frightening gelatin-based food needs. (skip 8)


30 xp, 300 coins


Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quest 2: Halloween Spirits


Collect 5 Ghost Stories Ghost Stories; they’re a Halloween necessity! (skip 10)

Feed 4 Adult Sheep Adult Sheep to gather wool. (skip 8)

Make 7 Wool Thread Spindle Wool Thread Spindle; perhaps I’ll try making a thread spider web! (skip 10)


35 xp, 350 coins


Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quest 3: The Trick is the Treat


Harvest 20 Black Crowberry Black Crowberry for making Halloween Treats! (skip 9)

Feed 4 Prized Sheep Prized Sheep to get some Fine Sheep Fleece. (skip 8)

Make 2 Jack-o-Lantern Bag Jack-o-Lantern Bag for neighbors that stop by for Tricks or Treats. (skip 10)


40 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quest 4: Orange you Scary!


Collect 5 Scary Mask Scary Mask and let’s see how scary we can get. (skip 10)

Harvest 4 Orange Tree Orange Tree for delicious oranges. (skip 5)

Make 4 Orange Cupcake Orange Cupcake; it’s the color of Halloween! (skip 12)


45 xp, 450 coins


Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quest 5: Treat it Up


Harvest 25 Pumpkin Pumpkin; they’re a Halloween staple! (skip 11)

Tend the Prized Chicken Coop Prized Chicken Coop 2 times to make sure those masks didn’t scare the chickens. (skip 20)

Make 3 Spider Bag Spider Bag, a wonderful treat if ever I saw one! (skip 12)


50 xp, 550 coins


Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quest 6: Tree or Treat


Feed 4 Adult Horse Adult Horse to see if they’re getting spooked. (skip 8)

Harvest 8 Apple Tree Apple Tree. Maybe we can bob for them later. (skip 9)

Make 3 Bat Bag Bat Bag; a terrifying treat! (skip 12)


70 xp, 650 coins


Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quest 7: Going Batty


Collect 5 Rubber Bat Rubber Bat; maybe we can get people used to them. (skip 10)

Harvest 30 Pumpkin Pumpkin. You can’t have too many of this Halloween standard! (skip 12)

Make 4 Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie, because why wait for Thanksgiving if we have all these pumpkins! (skip 12)


90 xp, 900 coins


Farmville 2 Sharing is Scaring Quest 8:  Bee Frightening


Harvest 20 Black Crowberry Black Crowberry; they won’t be around for very long. (skip 9)

Tend your Bee Hive Bee Hive 2 times. (skip 20)

Make 2 Black Crowberry Candle Black Crowberry Candle; we can light them on Halloween night! (skip 10)


120 xp, 1100 coins


For the Halloween Bag recipes you can find it HERE.

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  1. I agree! the Bags are definitely cooler and more interesting than the Ice cream treats or the Chili at the previous road side stands

  2. I’m kind of excited about this mission. I like the idea of the bags.

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