Farmville 2 Birthday Cake and Gifts

Did you received it? Farmville 2 has just started giving a Birthday Cake Deco for FREE in celebration of it’s Birthday. If you are a player which is currently level 5 and above you’ll receive a pop up message about this feature like thew image below:



Farmville 2 Birthday Cake


After clicking the “Check out your Prize”, you will then need to place a Birthday Cake in your farm.

Farmville 2 Birthday Cake


After placing the Birthday Cake, a “yellow arrow” will appear on top of it. Click on it and Farmville 2 NPC will be coming to your farm like Barbra, Gus, Walter, Marie and Cornelius.

Farmville 2 Birthday Cake


After clicking, Prize assortment and Gifts will be flying out of the Birthday Cake like Baby Bottles, Batter, Eggs, Flour, Milk, Sugar and Wheat.

Farmville 2 Birthday Cake


After the brief celebration and dancing a pop message will appear again informing you’ll get a Baby Highland Cow. You can then Place the cow immediately or place and share the news with your friends.

Farmville 2 Birthday Cake


After claiming all the gifts, it’ll be up to you if you wan’t the Birthday cake deco to remain in your farm as a decoration of you can keep it in your storage.


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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Birthday Cake and Gifts

  1. I got the birthday cake today, but it says the party is over?! I never got the gifts at all. You should fix this for us who never got this thingy in the first place..

  2. i accidentally closed my browser when the pop window for the birthday cake appear.. still don’t receive the gift.. will i still receive it?

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