Farmville 2 FREE Water x10 (August 27)

Zynga and Farmville 2 is giving away FREE Water x10 to help out players with the quests and daily farm chores. Water is essential in Farmville 2 game for this is used in watering crops and trees. Another way to get water is from tending wells. Before claiming check first if you have enough space in your inventory to hold additional water.



To claim simply click the FREE Water image. After claiming please consider sharing this news with yours friends.

Farmville 2 Free 10 Water

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One thought on “Farmville 2 FREE Water x10 (August 27)

  1. Why must I sign up for FB to receive these gifts on Zynga? Every time I try to click on these or other certain things with-in the game itself I have a new tab that opens with a log in page for FB>>side note I stopped FB over a year ago after having it for over 5. I want the games not the FB drama.

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