Farmville 2 Romantic Dinner Table Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! Farmville 2 Romantic Dinner Table feature! Earn a rare Red River Hog plus exclusive items just by crafting White Truffles in this week new feature release. The Romantic Dinner Table will be release along with this week Farmville 2 Quests and players will be collecting parts in order to finish this building. Once completed players can now start crafting White Truffles. Each White Truffles corresponds to 1 ticket and then these tickets can then be exchange for prize. Her are the rest on the information about this up coming feature:




Place and build the Romantic Table:


Collect the Parts to finish building the Romantic Table:


Click the Romantic Table to see the prizes and check your progress:



Prizes that can be won in Romantic Dinner Table:

Rose Stand = 16 tickets


Pair of Columns = 32 tickets


 Byer’s White Cape Myrtles = 48 tickets


Curtained Pergola = 64 tickets


Red River Hog = Bonus Prize for collecting all Four


White Truffles Recipe Ingredients:

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  1. Glad for the new additions which make for great challenges.
    Thank you.

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