Farmville 2 Recipes for the Turtle Hatchery Missions

Prepare for the upcoming Farmville 2 Turtle Rescue Station and Turtle Hatchery feature with this guide for the recipes. We will be crafting recipes during this event and we have here a first hand information regarding these recipes. Remember the Turtle Hatchery is a 4 week long event. You can prepare ahead so that you are ready once you will need it.

Recipes for the Turtle Hatchery


Turtle Backpack

Turtle Backpack = Spun Yarn x6 and  Fur x4


Turtle CookiesPecan

Turtle Cookies = Pecan x4 and Chewy Chocolate x3

  • XP = 16
  • Coins = 2540


Egg Holder

Egg Holder = Brown Feather x6 and Clam Shell x6

  • XP = 14
  • Coins = 2140


Slow Drip IrrigatorRubberIrrigation Funnel

Slow Drip Irrigator = Rubber x4 and Irrigation Funnel x1

  • XP = 17
  • Coins = 2320


Stuffed Pasta ShellCheesePasta Shells

Stuffed Pasta Shell = Cheese x6 and Pasta Shells x2

  • XP = 15
  • Coins = 2390


Turtle Stepping StoneMudStained Glass Panel

Turtle Stepping Stone = Mud x6 and Stained Glass Panel x3

  • XP = 162
  • Coins = 500


Soil ThermometerPiece of WoodThermometer Display

Soil Thermometer = Piece of Wood x4 and Thermometer Display x3

  • XP = 18
  • Coins = 2550

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