Farmville 2 Snow Fight Fort Recipes

Prepare ahead for the upcoming Farmville 2 Snow Fight Fort feature by learning what items will be needed in making those snowballs. Here on this post, we will preview the 3 recipes that will be introduced plus we will show you what materials it will need to make each one of them. The advantage of knowing what materials that we are going to use is that we can gather them early and save them.

Snow Fight Fort Recipes



Ice Packing GlovesWoolLeather

Ice Packing Gloves = Wool x8 + Leather x1


2 SnowballMudIce shavings

2 Snowball = Mud x6 + Ice Shavings x2



3 SnowballHorseshoeIce Cube

3 Snowball = Horseshoe x6 + Ice Cube x3






Fire and Ice Lantern

Fire and Ice Lantern = 22 Snowballs

Ent-ice Catcher

Ent-ice Catcher = 44 Snowballs

Austrian Pine Tree

Austrian Pine Tree = 88 Snowballs



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