Farmville 2 Unreleased for this Week (May 13)

Here are some of the details that we gathered in what me may expect to be release this week in Farmville 2 Game. This items will be available at the Market for purchase for either coins or cash. Most of these items are limited edition so this will only be available for a period of time after it’s release.




Baby Hainan Pig, Hainan Pig, Prized Hainan Pig


Baby Anglo-Nubian Goat, Anglo-Nubian Goat, Prized Anglo-Nubian Goat


Baby Grey Water Buffalo, Grey Water Buffalo, Prized Grey Water Buffalo


Baby Dark Brown American Buffalo, Dark Brown American Buffalo, Prized Dark Brown American Buffalo





Durian Tree and Durian Fruit


Cassia Tree and Cassia Flower




Old Thai Farming Cart, Thai Sala, Thai Silk Tent


Green Thai Umbrella, Pink Thai Umbrella, Orange Thai Umbrella

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