Farmville 2 Winter Carriage Recipes and Materials Preview

We’re going to visit our friends in Farmville 2 Winter Carriage feature which is coming out next this Tuesday. We gonna visit them in style by riding in a Winter Carriage. Among the person we will visit are the following Gus, Marie, Cornelius, Walter and Barbara. But first, before we go on a trip we will need to packed our luggage cart. To do that we will need to craft 3 recipes for each trip. You can find the Farmville 2 recipes that we will need here on this guide.


Farmville 2 Winter Carriage Ride

Winter Carriage Ride Menu


Winter Carriage Ride 1:

Craft 1 Toy Train


Craft 3 Cheese Quiche

Cheese Quiche


Craft 1 Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup


Farmville 2 Winter Carriage Ride 1

Walter loved the Toy Train you made him. It brought out his inner child.



Winter Carriage Ride 2:

Craft 2 Winter Drapes

Winter Drapes


Craft 2 Collard Green Soup

Collard Green Soup


Craft 3 Fig Cake

Fig Cake


Farmville 2 Winter Carriage Ride

During our visit to Barbara’s B&B, she made apple cider to warm our hearts.



Winter Carriage Ride 3:

Craft 3 Cornbread

Corn Bread


Craft 2 Glass Good Luck Charm

Glass Goodluck Charm


Craft  1 Fragrant Perfume

Fragrant Perfume


Farmville 2 winter Carriage Ride 3

And so did Gus! The Good Luck Charm you made him came in handy during the sled race.



Winter Carriage Ride 4:

Craft 3 Fancy Toy Bunny

Fancy Toy Bunny


Craft 3 Flax Fruitcake

Flax Fruit Cake


Craft 1 Wool Pouch

Wool Pouch


Farmville Winter Carriage Ride 4

Visiting Cornelius at the Sunny Grocery is always a pleasure. He greets everyone with a smile!



Winter Carriage Ride 5:

Craft 5 Friendship Quilt

Friendship Quilt


Craft 4 Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie


Craft 3 Leather Trunk

Leather Trunk


Farmville 2 Winter Carriage Ride 5

At Marie’s farm we had a snowball fight and enjoyed a slice of your hand-made Pumpkin Pie!


Note: Currently this is unreleased and there are still a chance that Zynga and Farmville 2 may change any of the mentioned recipe.

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