Farmville Enchanted Glen Quests 6


Zynga and Farmville releases the next chapter in Enchanted Glen, it’s Quest 6. Players will be working win the following mission this week and needs to complete this in 7 days. Surprisingly there is only one crafting in chapter 6.

Farmville Quest 1: Feed the Fungus

Right, sure. Sleeping potion. Someone will get right on that.


Get 6 Mushroom Food

Harvest 20 Boggart Bulb

Harvest Home Mushroom Twice


Toadstool Turtle, 150 xp, 310 FP, Magic Maple x2, 3000 coins

Farmville Quest 2: Enchanted Water

There’s a special spot here in the Glen where the water is said to have healing qualities.


Get 8 Ferngully Water

Harvest 20 Fairy Foxglove

Harvest Toadstool Turtle Twice


Ferngully, 200 xp, 320 FP, Rain Drops x2, 3500 coins

Farmville Quest 3: It’s All in the Dirt

I think that if we make sure the spire is planted in Magic Soil, the magic will return to it.


Get 8 Magic Soil

Harvest 30 Butterfly Rose

Make 2 Boggart Bread


Fairy Dust Satchel Tree, 250 xp, 330 FP, Fairy Fust x2, 4000 coins

Farmville Quest 4: Sing, Sing a Song…

Ok, ok. So the Home Mushroom doesn’t need to eat. Let’s try some more magic stuff.


Get 8 Song of Growth

Harvest 200 Dream Cotton

Master Toadstool Turtle 1 Star


Singing Brownie Bull, 300 xp, 340 FP, Magic Maple x2, 4500 coins

Farmville Quest 5: Just Dance

Maybe some enchanted dancing will do the trick? Maybe we need to combine the Song of Growth with the Dancesteps of Growth?


Get 9 Dance Steps of Growth

Harvest 225 Goblin Vine

Harvest Singing Brownie Bull Twice


Dance of Growth, 350 xp, 350 FP, Raindrops x2, 5000 coins

Farmville Quest 6: Retire the Spire

Nothing to see here. Just planting a new Home Mushroom. Move along, please. All is well…


Get 10 Home Mushroom Seeds

Harvest 250 Pixieberry

Upgrade Home Mushroom to Level 7


Toadstool Unicorn, 400 xp, 360 FP, Fairy Dust x2, 5500 coins

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