Galia Cantaloupe LE Recipe Guide

Here’s the list of limited edition recipes that will be released along with the Farmville 2 Galia Cantaloupe. Also added into this list are recipes that you can make using Golden Rain. This edition of limited edition recipes will only be available for players to make for a short period of time.

Galia Cantaloupe Recipes

LIMITED EDITION RECIPES for Galia Cantaloupe Release:

Guadalupe Palm Pudding Guadalupe Palm Milk

Guadalupe Palm Pudding = Guadalupe Palm x8 + Milk x12

Guadalupe Palm Jam Guadalupe Palm Sugar

Guadalupe Palm Jam = Guadalupe Palm x6 + Sugar x3


Galia Cantaloupe Berry Salad Galia Cantaloupe Strawberry

Galia Cantaloupe Berry Salad = Galia Cantaloupe x12 + Strawberry x12


Galia Cantaloupe Cappuccino Galia Cantaloupe Milk

Galia Cantaloupe Cappuccino = Galia Cantaloupe x10 + Milk x6


Golden Rain Wreath  Golden Rain Golden Fleece

Golden Rain Wreath =  Golden Rain x6 + Golden Fleece x10


Golden Rain Boutonniere  Golden Rain Brown Feather

Golden Rain Boutonniere = Golden Rain x8 + Brown Feather x6


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