Simple Way to Update Flash Player

Flash Player is needed in order to play Farmville 2 and having the latest version will let you play the game smoothly. You can also try this fix if the game won’t load or having trouble loading. In case you are having problem updating your flash player this guide will help on how easy it is to update it. We written a step by step guide which includes picture. You can also check if have the latest version and you will find out how on this post.

Upgrade your Flash Player


  • To install or update your Flash Player, go to the official Flash Player page HERE. (Note: You can uncheck the optional offer. It is not required or necessary to install this to run Flash Player)

Get Flash Player


  • After clicking the “Install now” button, you will be prompted to download and save the install file of Flash Player. Just remember  what folder you saved the file.

Save the Flash Player Install File


  •  Go to the folder where you saved the installation file and double click it

Double click the instalation file



  •  Click the Run button.

Click to install the Fl;ash Player File

  •  It will ask which option do you prefer regarding the update option. You can choose any of the selection. Choose one and click “NEXT” to proceed.


  • Wait for it to download the necessary file. It will take only a few seconds to finish it.

Downloading Flash


  • Once it finish downloading the files and the installation process, Flash Player will confirm that it successfully installed.  During the installation process you must close the following browser.

Close some of the opened browser.

Instalation complete

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  1. I have tried to upload Adobe flash player several times, but I think I have a paramater missing in it, as it will not change it and I am now losing my game. Should I delete the flash player I have and put your update one one? Hope you can help, would not know what to do without my Farmville2.

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