Farmville Vampire vs Werewolves Mission

Farmville Quest: Fangs A Lot

Bah! That werewhelp is deluded! Vampires are much cooler!


Get 6 Vampire Novels

Harvest 50 Raspberries

Harvest 2 Pet Runs


Vampire Costumer

125 xp

2,500 coins


Farmville Quest: Howling Good

Don’t listen to that vampire! She’ll try to trick you. Trust me, werewolves are the coolest monster!


Get 7 Wolf Man Movies

Harvest 75 Wheat

Harvest 2 Aviaries


Werewolf Costume

150 xp

3,000 coins


Farmville Quest: Cape Able

Do you need to see more vampires? How are you not convinced? Vampires are the coolest!


Get 8 Black Capes

Harvest 100 Red Tulips

Fertilize 25 neighbor plots


Turbo Chargers

175 xp

3,500 coins


Farmville Quest: Toil & Trouble

She says vampire fashion is better? No way! I’ll show you how we werewolves do it!


Get 9 Wolf Totems

Harvest 125 Grapes

Make 2 Witches’ Brew


Bubbling Cauldron

200 xp

4,000 coins


Farmville Quest: Smell Of Success

You still don’t agree vampires are cooler? Bah! Okay, I know how to convince you!


Get 9 Wolfs Bane Perfume

Harvest 150 Tomatoes

Harvest 2 Wildlife Habitats



225 xp

4,500 coins


Farmville Quest: Would Smell As Sweet

Arg! What’s that terrible smell?! Wolfsbane perfume? I know to get back at her for that!


Get 9 Garlic Necklaces

Harvest 150 Aloe Vera

Make 2 Cauldron Stew


Were Chicken

250 xp

5,000 coins


Farmville Quest: Silver Lining

He wasn’t afraid of the wolfsbane perfume, you say? Hmm, well I know something that will send him running!


Get 10 Silver Cages

Harvest 150 Jalapenos

Harvest the Were Chicken 2 times


Mystery Game Dart

275 xp

5,500 coins


Farmville Quest: A Lot At Stake

What? A silver cage? Does she think she can scare me? I’ll show her!


Get 11 Garlic Nets

Harvest 150 Coffee

Harvest 2 Livestock Pens


Vampire Cow

300 xp

6,000 coins


Farmville Quest: The Showdown

Time to settle this! Let’s collect ballots and see who is cooler: Vampires or Werewolves!


Get 12 Halloween Ballots

Harvest 200 Sunflowers

Master the Were Chicken to 1 star


Hornet Sheep

325 xp

6,500 coins

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